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In partnership with Tennis Central and Central College Placement

This is a university placement agency specializing in tennis athletes.

  • University and college placement service in the United States

  • All tennis levels (NCAA Division 1-3, NAIA, Junior College)

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Program benefits

Tennis Central's Washington DC offices are located on site to facilitate interactions and transactions.

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Tennis Central's offers are meticulously researched and presented with both the athletic and academic needs of student-athletes in mind.

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Each student-athlete benefits from an average of 10 to 15 offers, including partial and full scholarships, ensuring a diversity of options.

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With established contacts at the majority of American universities, Tennis Central ensures broad coverage for its student-athletes.

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Tennis Central offers
student-athletes with work opportunities during the summer and after their studies at one of their tennis camps or clubs.

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The service offered by
Tennis Central
is available in French to meet
to meet the linguistic needs
needs of its customers.

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Why choose us?

Based in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, Central College Placement is ideally situated to establish privileged links with college coaches. This proximity allows for easily organized campus visits, fostering personalized connections and simplifying opportunities for our athletes.

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Partner universities

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"Joining Goldey Beacom College has offered me many opportunities, the main one being to continue playing tennis every day while pursuing my business studies. Leaving my family and friends in France is not easy, but when I see the experience and the opportunities it has given me, whether personal, professional or linguistic, I have absolutely no regrets. That's why I want to thank Central College Placement and Alexis Baguelin for allowing me to pursue this American experience."

Lisa-Marie Roussignol, Goldey-Beacom College, NCAA DII, College academically ranked #123 in the Northeast

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Our packages

Basic Package

The basic package is ideal for athletes who are comfortable in English and have already been to the United States.

  • Developing the athlete's profile

  • Assistance and advice in compiling the necessary documents and registrations (TOEFL, SAT, WES, Eligibility Center, etc.)


  • Negotiating and obtaining scholarships


  • Assistance and advice in obtaining a visa


  • Follow-up of the athlete throughout his or her studies

Exclusive Package

In this package, Central College Placement takes care of everything for the athlete and adds a stay in the United States before departure to meet the coaches and improve the level of English.

  • Athlete profile writing

  • Provide athletes with study guides to prepare them for tests

  • Register athlete for required tests (TOEFL, SAT, WES, NCAA Eligibility
    Eligibility Center, etc.)

  • Negotiate and obtain scholarships

  • Translation of report card

  • Obtaining visas

  • Experience in the U.S. to meet coaches and participate in trial matches

  • Follow-up with athlete throughout U.S. experience

Premium Package

In this package, Central College Placement takes care of everything for the athlete, with all services included in the starting price.

  • Writing an athlete profile

  • Provision of study guides for tests


  • Registration for required tests (TOEFL, SAT, WES, NCAA Eligibility Center, ...)


  • Negotiating and obtaining scholarships


  • Translation of report cards


  • Obtaining visas


  • Follow-up of the athlete during his American experience

On demand Package

This package offers the athlete maximum freedom. This package includes the basic formula as well as a choice of additional services

  • Writing an athlete profile

  • Help and advice in creating the file, as well as the necessary registrations (TOEFL, SAT, WES, NCAA Eligibility
    Center, ...)

  • Negotiate and obtain scholarships

  • Help and advice on obtaining a visa

  • Follow-up with the athlete throughout his American experience

  • Any additional services you choose from our On Demand options

Additional information

Our partner universities are carefully selected, offering a wide range of academic programs and competitive sports teams.


The American sports system, with its renowned collegiate leagues, offers student-athletes an exceptional platform to excel in their discipline while pursuing their studies.


At the same time, the American academic system encourages academic excellence and offers a diversity of courses and programs enabling students to pursue their interests and achieve their professional goals.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about our services, partner universities, the recruitment process or any other topic, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We're here to help.

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Contact us for more information!

Thank you!

Ready for your next adventure?

Join our college placement service for an exciting adventure into the world of American college tennis.


Explore your athletic and academic potential with us today!

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