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Benoit Paire hints at retirement after getting hate messages

French tennis player Benoit Paire with hands resting on his hips

Sports Bettors at the source of Paire's statement

Another day in the career of Benoit Paire, another story. Even if Paire doesn't win a lot of matches on the tour anymore, he's 6-10 this year, some people still put their money on him.

The Frenchman angered the punters when he double-faulted at 13-13 in the first set tiebreak, than sent a forehand in the middle of the net to gift the set to Galan.

As we've seen too often in the past few years, angry sports bettors took to Instagram to flood Paire's direct messages with hateful messages going from "f*cking loser f*ggot" to "You're f*cking horrible". This makes you wonder who's the loser and who's horrible here.

Even if Paire has a difficult season, his No. 142 ranking will make him go through the qualies at Roland-Garros for the first time since 2010, he doesn't deserve these messages. After losing 7-6, 6-3 to Daniel Elahi Galan in the first round of the Houston ATP 250 event, Benoit Paire hinted at an incoming retirement after reading the hateful messages :

Don't worry, soon you won't see me anymore. I'll think about the 2 euros you lost on me which were your whole savings.

Instagram screenshot showing angry messages from sports bettors to french tennis player Benoit Paire

Source : @yesiamtan on Twitter/X

For now, Benoit Paire is still registered to play the Madrid Challenger next week, then the qualifications at Barcelona and Madrid. He's going through a rough patch right now and we wish him all the luck and courage. Allez Benoit!


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