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Pierre-Hugues Herbert saves 7 match points with out of this world shots

Professional tennis player Pierre-Hugues Herbert celebrates winning a point

What a comeback from the Frenchman

Pierre-Hugues Herbert was paired against local player Raul Brancaccio in the first round of the Napoli Challenger. Everything was going according to plan for the Italian, after winning the first set 6-3, he was able to get 2 consecutive match points on Herbert's serve. That's when everything went south. After saving the first two match points, saving one of them with a perfect passing shot, Herbert gifted Brancaccio five other match points. The Frenchman was able to save the five match points with near-impossible shots.

See for yourself.

Hostile crowd toward locally born Brancaccio

In addition to not being able to convert any of his seven match points, Brancaccio would not win another game in the match, losing 6-3, 5-7 and 0-6. As you probably noticed in the video, the crowd was hostile towards Brancaccio despite the fact that he was born and raised 20 minutes away from Napoli in Torre del Greco. The Italian had much to say on the subject, accusing sport bettors of being the culprits.

Instagram message from Raul Brancaccio


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