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Tennis Clubhouse unfortunately hacked, but we will be back soon.

Updated: Apr 25

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Tennis Clubhouse is also available on Instagram and Twitter

Tennis Clubhouse Facebook page was hacked

You may have noticed it, but the Tennis Clubhouse Facebook page is unfortunately gone since last Thursday. In fact, malicious people hacked our account and made false complaints to Meta that got our page shut down. Rest assured, we're in constant communication with Meta's customer service to have the page restored to be able to serve you the lastest news in the tennis world.

While we concentrate our efforts on clearing our name and getting the Facebook page, which had nearly 1000 followers, back up the quickest possible. Unfortunately, the process could take up to 3 weeks. In the meantime, we will continue to post articles on the website, but less than we used to until the situation is fixed.

Tennis Clubhouse also available on Instagram and Twitter/X

Did you know that Tennis Clubhouse was also available on Instagram and Twitter/X? We will continue to share content on the 2 social medias while we work on getting our Facebook page back up. We will also launch a TikTok account in the coming weeks with our new mascot that we are excited for you to meet: Flynn the Golden Retriever who loves to chase after tennis balls. (When he's not napping)

You support on our other platforms is really appreciated, even more during these difficult times where we fight for our Facebook page. Here are the links to follow us on Instagram and Twitter/X:

We will also resume the giveaway that was about to be announced as soon as we're back on Facebook. Thank you for your support!

Sincerely yours, JP from Tennis Clubhouse.


Stay tuned, Stay inspired, Stay informed.

Tennis Clubhouse is more than just a source of tennis news; it's a platform where the love of tennis unites us all and allows us to take full advantage of what the sport has to offer. Together, let's celebrate every moment on and off the court!

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