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The final is set for the Billie Jean King Cup

Updated: Apr 25

5 Canadian professional tennis players lifting the Billie Jean King Cup trophy.
The 2023 champions, from left to right: Gabriela Dabrowski, Marina Stakusic, Eugenie Bouchard, Rebeca Marino, Leylah Annie Fernandez and team captain Heidi El Tabakh.

The competition formerly known as the Fed Cup

If the Billie Jean King Cup doesn't ring a bell, it's because it was renamed in 2020. What was formerly known as the Federation Cup and then the Fed Cup was renamed in September 2020 in honor of the former world number 1.

The Billie Jean King Cup is the most important international team competition in women's tennis. Teams composed of 5 players from the same nation battle in qualification rounds for the chance to earn their place in the finals. Each tie sees 2 countries face off in single and doubles matches, with the first nation to win 3 matches being crowned the winner.

Here is the qualification structure:




World Group I

8 countries

World Group I Playoff

4 countries from World Group I + 4 countries from World Group II


World Group II

8 countries

World Group II Playoff

4 countries from World Group II + 2 countries from Group One Euro/African Zone+ 1 country from Group One Americas Zone + 1 country from Group One Asia/Oceania Zone


Group One American Zone

8 countries

Group One Euro/African Zone

15 countries

Group One Asia/Oceania Zone

7 countries


Group Two American Zone

11 countries

Group Two Euro/African Zone

7 countries

Group Two Asia/Oceania Zone

15 countries


Group Three Euro/African Zone

16 countries

Source: Wikipedia

Billie Jean King Cup 2024 Qualification Results - Qualified Teams

In the last 2 days, 16 teams battled for the chance to qualify to the finals of the Billie Jean King Cup. Here are the results:

Australia 4 : 0 Mexico - Results

Switzerland 0 : 4 Poland - Results

France 1 : 3 Great Britain - Results

United States 3 : 0 Belgium - Results

Japan 3 : 1 Kazakhstan - Results

Brasil 1 : 3 Germany - Results

Slovakia 4 : 0 Slovenia - Results

Ukraine 2 : 3 Romania - Results

After coming back from a 0-2 deficit, Romania qualified alongside Australia, Poland, Great Britain, United States, Japan, Germany, and Slovakia to the finals that will be held in Sevilla later this year, they will join 4 other nations already qualified:

Canada : 2023 Champions

Italy : 2023 Finalists

Spain : Host Nation

Czechia : Wild Card

The Billie Jean King Cup final will be held from November 12th to the 17th 2024 at the Estadio de La Cartuga in Sevilla, Spain and will feature 12 teams.


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