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The wisdom of Stefanos Tsitsipas : a selection of his best tweets

Updated: Mar 26

Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas shirtless

The Socrates of the tennis world

If you didn't know it yet, Stefanos Tsitsipas likes to write deep thoughts on the social media platform Twitter/X. We decided to post a compilation of his "best" quotes.

Let's start off with his most recent tweet, the one who inspired us to write this article. A nice assessment from Stefanos.

We don't know if he tweeted the next one from his shower, if so his wisdom knows no bounds. That still raises the question : how are you supposed to defeat a bottle of shampoo?

We don't know if it's an original quote, but nonetheless it made us smile as it perfectly embodies adult life.

A Miami special to highlight the Masters 1000 tournament being played this week.

Does he not know about donut holes? Commonly known as Timbits in Canada.

Stefanos finally found the solution to social media addiction.

Excellent question, the rapper Nelly would say so.

Stefanos has a complex relationship with clothes.

If only we were all professional tennis players so we could free ourselves from our salaries.

After subtly mocking Stefanos' tweets, we will close this article with a truly inspiring one. We can only agree with this one.


Stay tuned, Stay inspired, Stay informed.

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