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What does the mysterious inscriptions on Coco Gauff's soles mean?

Left shoe of Coco Gauff at the Miami Open

Mysterious coordinates

You need to have a good vision to notice the mysterious coordinates on the yellow soles of Coco Gauff's shoes.

Zoom on the soles of Coco Gauff's shoes

The eyes of French author Bastien Fachan are better than ours since he was able to decrypt the mysterious coordinates : 26 28 0.75” N 80 5’ 1.4” W. If you enter these coordinates on Google Maps, you will find yourself in a public park in the city of Delray Beach in Florida.

These are the public tennis courts where Coco Gauff grew up at and she trained to become the Grand Slam champion that she is today. Nice touch from the team at New Balance for the Miami Open that is played less than an hour from where she grew up.


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