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Rafael Nadal's press conference in Barcelona sets panic on social medias

Updated: May 6

Tennis professional player Rafael Nadal holding a microphone.

Rafael Nadal sets panic on the social medias

When Rafael Nadal announced a Monday afternoon press conference in Barcelona, panic spread on social medias at the idea that he would announce his withdrawing from the ATP 500 tournament in Barcelona or even worse, announce his retirement from tennis.

Fortunately, Nadal only wanted to confirm his participation in Barcelona and go over where he was career-wise. He used the occasion to let journalists know that he felt it would be his last participation to the tournament where he holds a record breaking 12 titles.

I don't know what can happen in the future but today I think of it as my last participation here. This is my current feeling.

Retirement coming for Rafael Nadal?

By saying that he feels like it would be in last participation in Barcelona, we need to think that he's planning to retire at the end of the year at the latest, which would be no surprise. Here is what he had to say on the subject:

We'll keep going until I have the feeling that it's not worth it anymore, it's not worth it for me to keep doing the things I do. I don't set a deadline for that.

Rafael Nadal also said that life sets your path and that he will try to do things within his morale code, as logical as possible.

His participation in Barcelona

Rafa wants to enjoy what he considers to be his last participation in Barcelona, he says that he is not there to play an exhibition but to be as most competitive as possible. Even if he fears another injury and setback, he's satisfied with his training sessions and his progression this week:

I'm going to try to do my best to give myself a chance. I think the training week has been positive. I am going all out, we will see what happens.

Nadal gave us a reassuring press conference taking into account his injury issues of the past 2 years. We wish him to stay healthty as long as possible to give us a chance to see him play competitive tennis one last time. Here is an excerpt of his press conference, thank you to Twitter user @moyinis for the translation.

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