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The Most Beautiful Tennis Courts in the World - Part 1

Inspired by the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000 tournament that starts next week, we present to you 5 of the most beautiful tennis courts in the world. From private and exclusive clubs to public tennis courts in the middle of nowhere, beauty knows no bounds. Let's begin with the court that will be the centre stage during the next week.

Tennis clay court with a view on the french rivera at the Monte-Carlo Country Club

Monte-Carlo Country Club - France

Contrary to what its name suggests, the Monte-Carlo Country Club isn't located in the small administrative area of Monaco, nor even in Monaco itself. It is rather located in a small french town called Roquebrune-Cap-Martin which is only 150 meters away from the Monaco border. The main stadium, which has a capacity of 10 000 spectators, is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the French Riviera. Its red clay courts are the perfect contrast to the azure waters of the sea.

Terrain de tennis donnant sur la mer méditéranné

Hôtel Cap d'Estel - Monaco

We're not going too far for our second destination : the Hôtel Cap d'Estel located in Monaco. This luxury hotel gives access to its guest to a private tennis court with an astonishing view on Monaco. But, this view is expensive! If you want to stay there for 1 night during the high season, you will have to pay 1800 euros for a basic room. If this price doesn't scare you, they also offer a 4-room presidential suite at 15 425 euros per night.

Multiple empty tennis courts with a sunset as the backdrop

Seattle Tennis Club - United States

Let's come back down to earth for our 3rd tennis court in this series. Located in the charming Madison Park neighborhood in Seattle, the Seattle Tennis Club has 19 tennis courts, 3 of which are clay courts, a private beach, squash courts and even a fitness center. But above all, this club founded in 1890 offers a panoramic view of Lake Washington and of Rainier Mount on the horizon.

4 people playing tennis on a grass tennis court at the International Tennis Hall of Fame

International Tennis Hall of Fame - United States

Located in the picturesque town of Newport in Rhode Island, the International Tennis Hall of Fame is a must visit destination. Every year, it hosts the Newport ATP 250 tournament on its grass tennis courts, just after Wimbledon, a nice occasion of killing 2 birds with 1 stone. However, if you wish to attend the tournament, you'll have to visit Newport this summer since the tournament is not part of the 2025 calendar recently released by the ATP.

People playing tennis on sand tennis courts with snowy mountains in the background

Murren Sportchalet - Switzerland

When you see the snowy mountains on the horizon, you won't be surprised that we finish this first part of the most beautiful tennis courts in the world in Switzerland. The Murren Sportchalet offers 4 sand tennis court, yep you've read that right. These courts are located 1650 meters above sea level, better bring your asthma pumps!

Come back soon for the part 2 of the most beautiful tennis courts in the world.


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